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Prof. Mohamed Salah Ayoub

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Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Mohamed Ayoub has demonstrated remarkable leadership and commitment to the advancement of dental education and practice, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Mohamed Salah Ayoub currently serves as the Dean of the School of Dentistry and Vice President for Post Graduate Studies and Research at Badya University.

Holding this position, Dr. Ayoub plays a key role in shaping the university’s research goals, enhancing postgraduate studies, and fostering an environment for innovative academic exploration.
Previously, he served as Vice President of Nahda University for Postgraduate Studies and Research, overseeing growth in research efforts.

Beginning his academic journey as a Professor of Oral Pathology at Ain-Shams University, Professor Ayoub later became Chair of the Oral Pathology Department and Vice Dean for Post-Graduate Studies and Research. He also played a key role on a committee focused on professional development in dentistry.

Professor Ayoub’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery, followed by a Master’s and a PhD in Oral Pathology from Cairo University. Throughout his career, he has focused on researching oral pathology and its impact on dental practice.

In addition to his academic work, Professor Ayoub is involved in workshops to improve dental education and research. His dedication to developing the field and mentoring future dental professionals has earned him widespread respect.

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