Badya University

Campus Life

A vibrant and enriching campus life that is integral to the holistic development of our students. Our campus offers a diverse range of activities, opportunities, and support services that foster personal growth, encourage community engagement, and promote a well-rounded university experience.

Badya University Campus Life

Cultural and Artistic Events

Badya University celebrates cultural diversity and artistic expression. Throughout the academic year, our campus comes alive with a vibrant calendar of events, including music concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions, and cultural festivals. These events provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, appreciate different art forms, and foster a sense of creativity and cultural appreciation.

Badya University Campus Life


We recognize the importance of physical well-being and offer state-of-the-art sports facilities for students to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s joining sports teams, utilizing the fitness center, or participating in wellness programs, students have ample opportunities to engage in physical activities that promote fitness, teamwork, and overall well-being. 

Badya University Campus Life

Recreational Spaces and Facilities

Our campus boasts beautiful green spaces, inviting study areas, modern libraries, and well-equipped laboratories, providing students with an environment conducive to learning, collaboration, and personal growth.


Futsal Court

At Badya University, students play fast soccer games on the futsal court, showing collaboration and teamwork skills.

Tennis Court

Students can practice tennis on the courts at Badya University, improving their serves and shots.

Multipurpose Court

Badya University’s multipurpose court hosts basketball, volleyball, and more, giving students options for sports.

Jogging Track

All university members can use the jogging track to enjoy exercise in a peaceful setting, take a walk, or jog all day.

Three Padel Courts

Members can play padel, a fun mix of tennis and racquetball, on the padel court.


Indoor Workout Area

Members have access to an indoor workout area, providing a convenient space for exercise regardless of the weather.

Outdoor Workout Area

Students can use the outdoor workout area, offering a refreshing environment for physical activity under the open sky.

Restaurants and Cafes

Indoor Seated Restaurants

Members can dine comfortably indoors at the university’s seated restaurant, enjoying a meal in a cozy atmosphere.

Outdoor Seated Restaurants

Students have the option to dine al fresco at the outdoor seated restaurant, savoring their meals in the fresh air.

Prayer Room and Store

Male Prayer Room

There is a designated male prayer room available for members to perform their prayers in peace and privacy.

Female Prayer Room

Additionally, there is a separate female prayer room provided for students to observe their prayers comfortably.

Badya University Merchandise Store

At Badya University, there’s a dedicated store offering all kinds of university merchandise, allowing students to proudly display their university identity wherever they go. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to show their pride and belonging to the university community.


Six Food and Beverage Pods

Badya University provides convenient food and beverage pods for members to grab snacks and drinks between classes or while studying.

Mind Pods

Within the university premises, there are mind pods available for students to relax, meditate, or engage in mindfulness exercises, promoting mental well-being.

Five Muse Pods

Students can find muse pods at Badya University, offering spaces for creative inspiration, brainstorming sessions, or quiet reflection to support their artistic sides.

Casual Seating Area

Casual Seating Areas

A relaxed and comfortable space where members can unwind, socialize, or study in a laid-back environment.


School of Dentistry Labs

The Dentistry School at Badya University is equipped with modern labs designed for dental learning and research.

  • Digital Library: Access to cutting-edge resources for dental research and learning.
  • Clinic: Hands-on experience in patient care under supervision.
  • Physics and Anatomy Lab: Fundamental understanding of dental anatomy and principles.
  • Oral Biology & Oral Pathology Lab: Specialized study of oral health and diseases.
  • Biochemistry Microbiology & Pharmacology Lab: Exploration of biochemical and microbiological aspects related to dentistry.
  • General Histology & General Pathology Lab: Examination of tissue structures and pathological conditions relevant to dentistry.
  • Two Simulator Labs: Practice and refinement of practical dental skills.
  • Two Computer Labs: Utilization of advanced technology for dental procedures and research.
  • Two Removable Technology & Biomaterials Labs: Innovation and research in dental materials.
  • CAD CAM & Research Lab: Development and exploration of dental technology and research projects.

School of Physical Therapy Labs

The Physical Therapy School at Badya University features various specialized labs to support both learning and research endeavors.

These include:

Clinic: A practical setting for hands-on patient care under supervision.

Kinesiology Lab: Dedicated space for the study of human movement and biomechanics.

Digital Library: Access to digital resources for research and learning purposes.

Pool: Facility for aquatic therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Changing Room: Facility for students to change attire before and after therapy sessions.

Therapeutic Gym Hall & Pool: Space equipped with gymnasium facilities and pool for therapy sessions.

Biochemistry Lab: Laboratory for the study of biochemical processes relevant to physical therapy.

Hydrotherapy Lab: Facility for hydrotherapy treatments and exercises.

Biomechanics Lab: Laboratory for the study of the mechanical aspects of human movement.

Physiology Lab: Space for conducting experiments related to physiological functions.

Applied Lab: Practical laboratory for applying theoretical knowledge into practice.

Neuroimaging Lab: Facility for studying brain function and structure using imaging techniques.

Anatomy Lab: Laboratory equipped for the study of human anatomy.

Biophysics Lab: Laboratory focusing on the physical principles underlying biological processes.

Women’s Health Lab: Specialized laboratory for research and treatment related to women’s health issues.

Electrotherapy Lab: Facility for conducting electrical stimulation therapy and related research.

School of Business Admin and Applied Economics Labs

The School of Business Administration and Applied Economics at Badya University is supported by six well-equipped computer labs, providing students with essential tools for their academic and professional development. These labs serve as hubs for hands-on learning, where students can apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, analyze data, conduct research, and develop practical skills using industry-standard software and applications.

School of Computing and Data Science Labs

The Computer Laboratories at Badya University encompass a diverse range of facilities tailored to support students’ academic and research needs. Among these is the Digital Library, offering extensive online resources for research and study purposes. Additionally, there are eight general-purpose computer labs equipped with modern technology to facilitate various tasks such as programming, data analysis, and multimedia production.

Complementing these are two specialized labs dedicated to specific fields or projects, providing students with specialized software and tools for advanced study and research. Together, these computer laboratories serve as essential hubs for innovation, learning, and collaboration across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines.

School of Medicine Labs

At Badya University’s School of Medicine, students receive a comprehensive education supported by a range of specialized laboratories. These facilities provide hands-on learning opportunities and research resources essential for future healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the key labs available:

  1. Anatomy Lab: Study the structure of the human body through dissections and models.
  2. Molecular Lab: Explore genetics and cellular biology.
  3. Biochemistry Lab: Investigate chemical processes within living organisms.
  4. Microbiology and Parasitology Research Lab: Research microbial and parasitic diseases.
  5. Forensic and Toxicology Lab: Gain insight into forensic science and toxicology analysis.
  6. Physiology Lab: Learn about bodily functions and systems.
  7. Pathology Lab: Study disease processes and diagnostics.
  8. Student Clinics: Apply clinical skills under supervision in a practical setting.



At Badya University, each school is equipped with its own dedicated library, providing tailored resources and support for students in their respective fields of study. 

Wifi & Networks

Badya University ensures reliable Wi-Fi and network connections across campus, supporting seamless communication and access to online resources for students and faculty.

Security Data

At Badya University, safeguarding data is a top priority. We have strong security measures to protect sensitive information and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of our data systems.


The auditorium at Badya University is a versatile space designed to accommodate 650 students. It serves as a hub for academic lectures, cultural events, and community engagement. With its modern amenities and strategic design, the theater promotes learning, creativity, and collaboration among students and faculty.

Educational Hospital

Badya University’s teaching hospital has 70 beds, where students learn and practice medicine under supervision. It provides healthcare to the community and helps students become future doctors.