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Dr. Essam El Toukhy

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Dean, School of Medicine, Badya University

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Dr. Essam El Toukhy is a professional ophthalmologist with a rich career spanning several decades. As a leading expert in the field, he has significantly contributed to clinical practice and medical education.

Before joining Badya University as a dean Dr. Essam El Toukhy held the position of Professor of Ophthalmology at Cairo University, where he imparted his vast knowledge to the next generation of eye specialists. For decades, he has been shaping the minds of aspiring physicians, ensuring excellence in ophthalmic care.

In parallel to that, Dr. Essam El Toukhy assumed the role of Chairman of the Ophthalmic Plastic Society of Egypt (2023), fostering collaboration and innovation within the Egyptian ophthalmic community.

In addition to his role, Dr. Essam El Toukhy is the Chairman of the Egyptian Scientific Council of Ophthalmology. Since taking on this leadership position, he has been instrumental in shaping ophthalmic research, education, and policy in Egypt.

Having earned his Doctoral Degree (M.D.) in Ophthalmology from Cairo University, Dr. Essam EL Toukhy has established a strong foundation for his extensive pursuits in research and education.

Dr. Essam El Toukhy’s leadership extends beyond clinical practice. He has directed programs at prestigious institutions, including the Medical Education Development Center (MEDC) at the Kasr El Aini School of Medicine at Cairo University. His commitment to shaping healthcare policy and administration is evident through his role as Program Director for Healthcare Management and Leadership at the Harvard School of Public Health.

On the global stage, Dr. Essam El Toukhy contributes to critical disease control and prevention decisions. He is a WHO Committee Member who reviews trachoma dossiers for countries such as Nepal, Morocco, and Iran.

Beyond academia, Dr. Essam El Toukhy’s compassionate care and commitment to excellence have earned him widespread recognition. His influence extends globally, notably as the Head of Examination for the Arab Board of Ophthalmology. In this role, he ensures aspiring ophthalmologists receive thorough training, maintaining high standards across the Arab world.

Additionally, Dr. Essam El Toukhy has played a key role in advancing eye research and facilitating corneal transplantation as the Director of the National Eye Institute and Rod ElFarag Eye Bank Egypt, significantly contributing to eye health and vision restoration.

As an instructor in the International Council of Ophthalmology’s Ophthalmic Educators Group, Dr. Essam El Toukhy continues to uphold a legacy of excellence in eye care.

Dr. Essam El Toukhy has authored more than 20 influential publications in the field of ophthalmology. These publications reflect Dr. Essam El Toukhy’s commitment to advancing knowledge and education in ophthalmology, both locally and internationally.

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