About Badya University

Badya University: Your Gateway to Excellence

Badya University is a private university in Cairo, Egypt, founded by the presidential decree 338 for the year 2023. With an area of 167K SQM, Badya University is strategically located at the heart of Cairo’s western suburbs within the city of Badya. Badya University is set to host seven distinguished academic schools, to revolutionize the educational experience for 12,500 students. Positioned to offer transformative education in Egypt, Badya University eagerly anticipates welcoming its inaugural class of students in September 2024 across its five new schools.


Badya University

The Best Transformative Education in Egypt

Badya University is devoted to providing a comprehensive and progressive academic environment.

We are changing the way education works. Our learning experience goes beyond typical classrooms to give you a comprehensive and enriched education. Here, you’ll sharpen your critical thinking and acquire skills that go beyond what you’d learn in regular classrooms.

We focus on preparing you for the future with some of the finest bachelor’s and master’s programs in Egypt, along with modern facilities, creative learning spaces, and top-notch schools. We are committed that you become a leader who can handle whatever comes your way.

Badya University has modern facilities to support hands-on learning and innovative research. Our labs are equipped with the latest tools for experiments and discoveries encouraging innovation and teamwork.

Technology is at the heart of learning at Badya University. We have online portals for easy access to study materials and offer immersive virtual experiences in classrooms. By integrating technology, we offer interactive and personalized learning, ensuring you stay engaged with faculty and peers creating an exciting and personalized academic environment.

Badya University

International Partnerships

Badya University is dedicated to offering distinctive and exceptionally competitive academic programs to its students through the establishment of academic collaborations with leading international universities. They represent some of the best international university partnerships in Egypt, ensuring students receive a world-class education.

Badya University

Student Experience

Beyond academics, We focus on giving students a fulfilling experience that helps them grow personally, feel like they belong, and get ready for their careers.

Through a vibrant extracurricular landscape and industry partnerships, Badya University empowers students for success.

Our wide range of extracurricular activities, diverse clubs, and community services ignite passions, develop valuable skills, and promote social responsibility. Whether it’s arts, sports, or volunteering, you can pursue your interests, discover and improve your talents, and learn leadership and teamwork. Plus, our top-notch sports facilities, like gyms and fields for various sports, encourage a healthy lifestyle and friendly competition.

We equip our students with practical skills and a competitive edge through internships and workshops offered by our partners of leading businesses and organizations. This seamless integration of real-world experiences complements classroom learning, preparing students to thrive in their chosen careers.

Dr. Mohamed Hossam El-Din El-Sayed El-Malahy

President of Badya University and Member of the Board of Trustees