Badya University Programs

Cyber Security

In our Cyber Security program, students learn to safeguard and shield information and information systems against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. The curriculum covers topics such as network security, cryptography, risk management, and ethical hacking, equipping graduates for roles in cybersecurity analysis, penetration testing, and information security management.

Duration of Study
Four years
Credit Hours
Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security

Our Cybersecurity program prepares students to excel in risk management, defensive tactics, and response capabilities to safeguard information and systems.

Through an in-depth curriculum, students will gain a thorough understanding of:

  1. Risk Management: Graduates will assess, manage, and address risks to safeguard information integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
  2. Defensive Strategies: Graduates will use diverse cyber defense tactics and technologies to shield networks and systems from digital threats.
  3. Response Proficiency: Graduates will excel in identifying, responding to, and restoring operations after security incidents and breaches.
  4. Legal and Ethical Awareness: Graduates will recognize legal, ethical, and professional obligations in cybersecurity, including adherence to data protection laws and ethical hacking standards.