School of Computing and Data Science

Information Technology

Our Information Technology program emphasizes the use of technology solutions to address business and organizational challenges. Students gain knowledge in network infrastructure, cloud computing, security, and information management, enabling them to design and oversee technology systems that support contemporary organizations.

Duration of Study
Four years
Credit Hours
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

This program equips our graduates with the core competencies needed in the field of information technology both locally and globally.

Our graduates demonstrate proficiency in:  

  1. Implementing Technology Solutions: Graduates will show the ability to implement and oversee technology solutions that fulfill organizational requirements, encompassing networks, databases, and web services.
  2. System Administration and Management: Graduates will become experts in overseeing, configuring, and sustaining computer systems and networks to ensure smooth and secure operations.
  3. Project Management: Graduates will apply project management principles to technology projects, covering planning, execution, monitoring, and closure, with a focus on time, budget, and quality.
  4. Information Security: Graduates will understand and apply fundamental concepts of information security to safeguard data and address risks associated with technology systems.