Badya University Programs

Computer Science

Our Computer Science program offers a solid foundation in both theory and practical applications of computing. Students explore topics like algorithms, software development, systems and networking, databases, and theoretical computer science. This prepares them for various careers in software development, systems engineering, and more.

Duration of Study
Four years
Credit Hours
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Our Computer Science program prepares graduates with a diverse array of skills and abilities to address challenging computing issues, while also focusing on ethical and social consciousness.

These include:

  1. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Graduates will show they can solve tough computing problems and make smart decisions using computer science principles.
  2. Programming Skills: Graduates will be skilled in using various programming languages and techniques to create, build, and test software systems.
  3. Systems Understanding: Graduates will understand how computing systems work, including software, hardware, and networks, so they can use their knowledge effectively in different technical settings.
  4. Ethical and Social Awareness: Graduates will understand the ethical, legal, and social issues related to computing and will be committed to following professional ethics and privacy standards in their work.