Badya University

Board of Trustees Profile

Mohamed Hossam El-Din El-Sayed El-Malahy

President of Badya University and Member of the Board of Trustees


Dr. El-Malahy has a B.Sc. in Dental Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Dentistry, Mansoura University in 1984 and holds an MS degree in basic sciences in dentistry (oral pathology branch), from Alexandria University and a PhD in oral diseases, oral and dental pathology from Al-Azhar University.

Throughout his career, he assumed various prominent positions in academia and diplomacy including his capacity as a member of the Committee of Elders of Higher Education, representing private universities for the year 2022, member of the Egyptian Senate by Presidential Decree No. 285 of 2021, Head of the Office of Innovation Support, Technology Transfer and Marketing of the Academy of Scientific Research at Nahda University since March 2020 and President of Nahda University since April 2018 as well as First Assistant Minister of Higher Education for Cultural Relations, missions and university affairs as of August 2016. Dr. El-Malahy’s ascent within the academic corridors was marked by his initial appointment as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Oral Pathology at the Faculty of Dentistry at Minya University to becoming Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry for Education and Student Affairs – Ain Shams University a short 15 years later.