Badya University

Board of Trustees Profile

Ahmed Nour El-Din Habib

Member of the Badya University Board of Trustees


Dr. Nour Habib is a member of the Badya University Board of Trustees and is a dentistry education expert at Cairo University.

His time as Dean between 2008 and 2011 showcased his dedication to education and management. As a Professor at Cairo University’s Dentistry Faculty, he has guided many undergraduate students, supervised more than 40 postgraduate theses, and conducted more than 50 international and local research papers, especially in prosthodontics and materials science. Dr. Habib actively fostered academic excellence, selection, and promotion of the next generation of dental professionals as Chairman of the promotion committee for professors and assistant professors in the Egyptian Universities Supreme Council, as member of the Planning Committee for the Dentistry Sector of the Supreme Council of Universities and as member of the Ministerial Committee for Selection of University Leaders.

Dr. Habib is involved in international dental organizations as a member and treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Society of Dental Surgeons, a society that is a member of the International Dental Foundation emanating from the WHO, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. He is also a member of the American Cosmetic and Color Dental Society (SCAD).