School of Medicine

Medicine and Surgery

Welcome to the School of Medicine, where our forward-thinking program of Medicine and Surgery offers a transformative educational experience that integrates modern curricula, expert faculty, collaboration, experiential learning, small group dynamics, and cutting-edge tools.

Duration of Study
Five years + 2 years Internship
Credit Hours
Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery

At Badya University School of Medicine, we’ve crafted a forward-thinking program that blends modern curricula with an accredited points system. Our philosophy centers on seamless coordination and integration—both vertically and horizontally—across courses. 

  1. Integration System: Imagine a tapestry where courses interweave, avoiding redundancy and conflict. Our students benefit from this holistic approach, where academic and clinical facets merge seamlessly. Early patient exposure fuels professional growth and sets the stage for lifelong learning.
  2. Five-Year Integrated Journey: Our comprehensive program spans five years, meticulously designed to meet national and international accreditation standards. From foundational knowledge to specialized expertise, we cover it all.
  3. Expert Faculty Collaboration: Our experienced faculty collaborates closely with global prestiges institutes. Their combined wisdom enriches the learning experience, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for the global stage.
  4. Experiential Learning: Beyond textbooks, our students engage in experiential learning. Case-based and problem-based approaches empower them to think critically, solve real-world medical puzzles, and emerge as agile practitioners.
  5. Small Group Dynamics: Learning thrives in small groups. Our students benefit from academic supervision (mentorship) and peer interaction. It’s a supportive ecosystem where questions find answers and curiosity sparks innovation.
  6. Cutting-Edge Tools: Simulators and holograms elevate the learning process. Whether practicing surgical techniques or exploring complex scenarios, our students embrace modern means to enhance their skills.