School of Computing and Data Science

Bio AI

Our groundbreaking Bio AI program is tailored for students intrigued by the integration of AI in biology and healthcare. The curriculum merges principles from biology, computer science, and artificial intelligence to create technologies and solutions for addressing health diagnostics, treatment strategies, and biomedical research challenges.

Duration of Study
Four years
Credit Hours
Bachelor of Science in Bio AI

Welcome to the Bio AI program at Badya University, where we integrate the cutting-edge fields of biology and artificial intelligence. Our graduates gain a unique skill set that combines expertise in biological sciences with advanced AI techniques, enabling them to drive innovation and make significant contributions in the fields of healthcare and bioinformatics.

  1. Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge: Graduates will possess a strong understanding of both life sciences and artificial intelligence, allowing them to use computational approaches in analyzing biological data effectively.
  2. Bioinformatics Proficiency: Graduates will excel in analyzing genomic and proteomic data using machine learning and data analysis methods to reveal valuable biological insights.
  3. Healthcare Innovations: Graduates will demonstrate their capability to create AI-based solutions for healthcare, including diagnostic aids, treatment suggestion systems, and personalized medicine applications.
  4. Ethical Considerations in Bio AI: Graduates will understand the ethical, legal, and social impacts of using AI in biology and healthcare, ensuring responsible technology use in areas of significance and sensitivity.